Sept 26-29 state fair recruiting if you can help sign up with Quyade
20 Sept 0800 Breakfast with Veterans at Village of Northrise
20 Sept MOC Dinner 5-7PM and POW/MIA Ceremony
28 Sept Veteran's Car Show at the Walton Dr. Walmart
4/5 October Dept Cmdr and President's homecoming 
4 Oct, Friday, 5-7PM Dinner; 7 - ??? PM Karaoke
5 Oct, 10AM-Noon C of A
5 Oct, 5-6:30PM Homecoming Dinner, 7PM Band - Cadillac Kings
13 October District 3 Meeting at 1200 @ Post 4384 
Don't forget to pick up your post diner tickets before the event!!!
Saturday the 26th of October, Car Show and Open
Food, Drinks, Prizes, XKE Band
The QM is selling hats and shirts, $25 per hat $15 per shirt
see Mary for details!